Kelvin Sealey

Kelvin Sealey

Who Is Kelvin Shawn Sealey?

Acting as producer and host of Citizen: The Campus Talk Show, Dr. Kelvin Shawn Sealey, whose interdisciplinary academic work ranges across the fields of cultural studies in education, architecture and education, and film and education, has been an educator and entrepreneur for over twenty years. Citizen was conceived while Dr. Sealey was completing doctoral work at Columbia University, and its production helped form the core of his dissertation on education, critical pedagogy and the spectacular. Dr. Sealey is the co-founder and co-director of the Film and Education Research Academy (or FERA; see www.filmandeducation.org) at Teachers College, Columbia University, and the director of the Design Lab for [earning Organizations (DLLO) at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP; see www.learningorganizations.org). FERA explores the creative nexus where the cinematic meets the pedagogical while DLLO maintains a research focus on the intersection of architecture, technology and education. Dr. Sealey's edited works include Restoring Hope: Conversations on the future of Black America, with Cornel West; A Reader in Social Enterprise; he Questions of New Orleans; and the soon-to-be-published Film, Politics & Education. Dr. Sealey can be reached at kss2008@columbia.edu.